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Re: Streets of SimCity and SimCopter

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tfishell wrote: Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:25 pm Coupla questions:

1) Does Streets of SimCity run more or less just like it did "back in the day" with nGlide+VooDoo Rush patch?

2) Can SimCopter make use of nGlide? From what I gathered there was a later patch that added 3Dfx support, but I thought maybe there was a reason the game is not on the Compatibility list: ... fx&spell=1

Would certainly be great to see the games come to GOG if EA allows the publishing of more titles. EA has many other classics still unreleased. (I'm saddened Future Cop LAPD still hasn't shown up yet.)
In spite that it is a decade ago, YES YOU NEED THE GLIDE TEXTURES FOR SIMCOPTER!
and here they are (carefully stored for more as two decades):
(334.33 KiB) Downloaded 61 times
Of course you will have to delete the original glide.dll in simcopters folder to make use of the by nGlide stored glide.dll in sysWOW64.
Further you might need to delete even the old opengl32.dll, sometimes it helps sometimes that is opposite.
If i remember this right she also said that she captured the textures, don't ask me i never have used a voodoo board.

Sure it has not much use it's really just a glide demo also to advertise for it.
It works perfect with the recent release of nGlide (but it worked as well a decade ago just slower and even a decade before).
Here's the evidence,
Short SimCopter glide demo via nGlide:

I can't tell anymore where i found them back then.
You might need dxWnd to run SimCopter even when you use nGlide if that is just to limit the framerate, but it should work without i tested it right today back and forth. Do not get impatient SimCopter fails often to invoke the Glide wrapper, even if all is fine.

So far nGlide and OpenGlide are the only ones known to me which make this glide demo playable, dgVoodoo will fail and i assume simply because it didn't looks out for the glide textures and without it won't run (there are for sure more games of this age like simcopter who support glide1 and need a textures folder for the wrapper since i strongly assume sst1init will copy/convert them either to RAM or to the drive from the game itself when it runs for the first time (or if RAM each time it's invoked).
sst1init should not hinder you in either way since no wrapper can make use of it and will bypass it.

If you still are interested in SC2k, SimCopter and Streets (since they are great timeless pieces), visit "SixAM" on Discord.
That's a forum founded by the developers of "SimCopterX" and "SimStreetsX" which will help to run both games on recent machines.

source for SimCopterX:
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