NGlide versus my glide games collection

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Re: NGlide versus my glide games collection

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Have moved Motor Mash from the DOS section to the winglide section.
Yes, install.exe (the DOS installer) copies 3dfx_win.bdd to the game directory. But this file looks like winglide1x (glide.dll in the file dump).
The trouble is -- the windows installer (setup.exe) CTDs in WinXPSP3 (module kernel32.dll offset 9E32h) so I can't test the windows version of this game...
The windows installer needs the ForceDXSetupSuccess ACT fix in WinXPSP3.
And there is the "Hardware Acceleration" option in the menu:
MotorMash.JPG (53.35 KiB) Viewed 1902 times
No 3dfx logo, uses 800×600 PP (Voodoo2 uses NN). Direct3d?
Looks like the 3rd "Brender winglide1x" game. Others are Virus and Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors...

P.S. Kjliew's glide1x->glide2x wrapper -- the result is negative.
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Re: NGlide versus my glide games collection

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I have windows 98 with real voodoo 2 , and voodoo 3, or can use wrapper. Is there point to try to test here?
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